Clear Distortion Free Adhesive Mounting System

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CDF - Clear Distortion Free adhesive mounting system vs. PS - Pressure Sensitive adhesive mounting system

Clear Distortion Free adhesive technology is based on a chemistry that is quite different from traditional pressure-sensitive technology. In most ways, it is superior for the solar control film applications. Traditional Pressure Sensitive adhesive (PS) utilized in the window film industry is primarily based on acrylic copolymer, acrylic-vinyl acetate and /or vinyl ether polymer systems. These are characterized by their permanently tacky nature and are usually easy to mount. This permanently tacky nature also forms the basis of its' longevity problems... PSA's, being tacky have to rely on specific and mechanical adhesion mechanisms for the development of bonding characteristics. These systems also have Tg's (glass transition temperatures) below room temperature, which are responsible for their tacky nature.

The CDF adhesive has built into its' backbone proprietary chemistry that is activatable by the installation solution. This allows it to be mounted with greater ease and chemically bond to the glass. The chemical bond is much more stable than specific or mechanical bonds, affording it durability and longevity. The CDF polymer is much harder and has some crystallinity as opposed to the soft amorphous nature of PS adhesive systems. This allows for more chemical and environmental resistance. This harder nature also means greater mounting solution removability. Installation by our trained professionals is made easier and more complete, less water/soap remains behind to soften and degrade the adhesive. This is critical for initial appearance and longevity. PS adhesive's are much softer, making mounting solution removal difficult. The residual monomers, solvents, catalyst, and soaps/water left behind are free to react with heat/(IR)/sunlight/(UV) to degrade adhesion and product longevity.

The CDF chemistry is cleaner. It has much less variation in its' molecular weight and less residuals in the form of monomers. CDF technology, based on its unique chemistry and mounting solution, offers superiority in application, facility, and longevity. It offers a harder, thinner, more crystalline adhesive that yields little or no distortion initially or under the pressure of environmental stress. The CDF offers a chemistry that bonds directly to glass. This bonding system is more durable and reliable than mechanical bonding which is less resistant to environmental stress.

In layman's terms... ECO -TINT professionals can provide you with an installed, optically perfectly clear film that will with stand the life of the building it's put on and still maintain the desired specifications suited for and by our client.

SR - Scratch Resistant
The toughest skin in Window Film; our SR coating is revolutionary, developed from a complex mixture of polymers which are cross-linked and UV cured to provide the most durable protective layer in the window film industry. This advantage does not sacrifice energy performance or the other benefits expected of each product.

The Benefits of SR Coating are

  • Normal care

    Sturdy construction allows normal window care

  • Less Maintenance Time

    Cleaning windows takes less time

  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance

    Risk of abrading film during installation and maintenance is greatly reduced

  • Improved performance

    SR coating improves overall film performance

  • Replacement elimination

    Replacement of film damaged through installation and maintenance is virtually eliminated

  • Unique Formula

    Unique patented formula, at least twice as durable which is offered from the most prominent international window film manufacturer