Eco-Tint has the top industry professionals handling all of your window tinting, security film, graffiti film, decorative film, paint protection, Di-Noc and surface protection needs; we have the capacity to serve nation wide.  We pride ourselves on being top-contenders in the self-adhesive product market as experts and innovators who work diligently to pioneer new techniques and solutions to many of our clients needs.  For an enhanced customer experience and service, we work hard to keep the relationships as personable as possible to help form lasting customer relationships.  Yes, that is the corporate description... now for the realistic description of who Eco-Tint is please readl:

We are a family owned and run business, which mean we are hands on and you do not get the run around. Las Vegas is in fact (as I have heard many times) a "Hard to find good, reliable, trustworthy businesses" place to shop for services like ours...  come in and meet us.  We do make mistakes sometimes, but we stand behind our service, product and workmanship.  Believing that you can still get a great service at a reasonable price is what we are about.  You will have one of the most personable experiences when it comes to doing business with us.  We yield to no excuses and are very easy to deal with.  You will leave here satisfied!  Thanks for listening, Mike 

Meet our staff

ECO-TINT is run by hands on business owners who are also YOUR installers. Meet our staff!

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Industry Certifications

We are always proud to show our industry certificates.

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