Cool Down Your Car with Our Heat Blocker Windshield

It’s no surprise that summers in Las Vegas can be brutal. The second you step in your vehicle you are hit with a heat wave, and if you have leather seats, a scorching bottom. The temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees hotter than the outside air and in a place where the weather can reach into the triple digits, this can be a real issue for many people.

One way to combat this issue is to park in the shade. Unfortunately, Las Vegas doesn’t offer many places that are shaded from the intense sun. Instead, take precautionary measures by installing a heat blocker windshield from Eco Tint.

The Benefits of a Heat Blocker Windshield

Bring Down the Temperature Inside the Vehicle

With a heat blocker windshield you are able to bring down the temperatures inside the vehicle by up to 30 degrees. This can be a lifesaver for those intense summer days and make your drives more comfortable. By reducing the temperature inside of your car, you can also reduce the need to run your cooling system so much which could save your money when it comes to your fuel consumption.

Cool Down Your Vehicle Without Obstructing Your Visibility

All heat blocker windshields are used with Nano-Ceramic technology. This allows a shield against the sun’s rays without creating any film that would obstruct your visibility. The film does not interfere with any radio or electrical signals from entering or leaving your vehicle. This means that all your navigation, electronics and cell phones will not be inhibited from the heat blocking film.

Meet all Visibility Laws

The Heat Blocker film is a cool blue that does not inhibit any visibility when driving in the daytime or evenings. With other films and tints, to achieve the same cooling effects within your vehicle, you would need a darker tint that may not meet visibility laws in some states.

Get your heat blocker windshields installed today and in time for the upcoming summer months at Eco Tint Las Vegas.

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