Could Tinting Your Windows Help Prevent Skin Cancer?

When you are driving around through town, trying to get from one place to the next, the last thing you are thinking about is whether or not you are exposing your skin to harmful rays of the sun. While you are driving, you are constantly being exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun that are able to pierce through your windshield and can cause harm to your skin over time. By getting your windows tinted, you are not only providing a better driving experience for yourself and passengers, but also saving yourself from harmful UV rays.

Prevent Harmful UV Rays by Tinting Your Vehicle Windows

Stop up to 99 Percent of UV Rays

High performance window tinting offers all-day skin protection from harmful UV rays and can help prevent skin cancer for many drivers and passengers. Roughly 1 in 5 Americans will develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetime and drivers are more likely to develop skin cancer on their left sides as that is the area of the body that is most exposed to direct sunlight.

Your Options when it comes to Window Tinting

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that you get your windows tinted to help protect your skin against harmful UV rays. The issue is some people do not like their windows to be a darker shade and prefer the clear visibility. At Eco Tint, we offer the LLumar Window Tint line that blocks up to 99 percent of UV rays and comes in many different shades. We also offer a clear film that blocks UV rays without any vision obstruction.

Get protection for your skin and a “sunblock” for your car with the help of Eco Tint USA.

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