Meet Our Staff

Mike Roads

Mike Roades is currently the VP and an installer at ECO-TINT and LVPP in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mike has been in the window tinting industry for over 15 years and brings a top-notch level of experience. Mike’s paint protection experience goes back to 2004 which has helped to bring Eco-Tint to new levels in the clear-bra industry.

Bryan Roades

Bryan is currently VP of Sales at Eco-Tint and has over 23 years experience in the window film and paint protection industry from the manufacturing side to the training side of things.  He is well versed with excellent product knowledge, installation skills, and charisma that will have you WANTING to do business with him.  Truly an essential part of Eco-Tint.

Jay Castro

Jay has been in the window film business since 2004 and at Eco-Tint for 5 years.  At Eco-Tint Jay wears many hats from sales, auto tint, clear-bra, and graphics!  We are lucky to have him, customers love him, and he definitely loves his job!

John Espejo

John has been in the window film business for 4 years.  Starting from scratch, John has become an asset to Eco-Tint by mastering all aspects of window film and clear-bra.  John also is a key ingredient to keeping ECO-TINT running smoothly!

Manny Hernandez

Manny has been part of the expansion of Eco-Tint’s commercial and residential department and we are happy to have him on board.  Being in the window film business for nearly 10 years, Manny has all the skills needed to deliver a quality install every time.  You can rest assured that he gives the same care and concern you would expect from all of us at Eco-Tint!

Jorge Bautista

Jorge is awesome!

Grady Gaddis

Grady has been tinting too long, since 1983.  Truly a solid seasoned veteran of the window film industry.  We have learned a lot from Grady but most of all he has been challenged here at Eco-Tint and is at the top of his ability here.  It is always nice to see talented people like Grady enter our doors and he is never closed off from learning new things.  Just a good guy and loves what he does.

Dean Kim

Dean, a 10 year veteran of the window film industry, is the newest member at Eco-Tint.  He has worked on many tinting projects for TV, SEMA, and lots of celebrities.  Coming into Eco-Tint is always a challenge for new talent, Dean is finding his way and rediscovering his fullest potential as an window film installer.  Eco-Tint always keeps standards high and we are always looking for good people like Dean.



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