Vehicle Wraps

Wraps are the future of advertising, and they don’t get any better than at Eco-Print, Las Vegas’ premiere automotive and building wrap company.  Think of it as a giant sticker with strong, weather resistant adhesive and UV protective colors- we will wrap interiors, buildings, windows and almost everything that can be wrapped. We are experts in outdoor advertising and printers of high quality, stunning digital wide format graphics for vehicle wraps, billboard ads, banners, substrate and almost everything that can be printed on- browse our site for a broad spectrum of advertising services.

*30,000 and 70,000 views per day.

*Vehicle wrap is between $2,000 and $5,000 dollars.

*A $3,000 wrap would cost $8.12 per day over a year

*Average wrap lasts 3 years, making the cost $2.74 per day

*Best value in advertising available

*We install or provide you a kit to DIY

*Normal Lead-time of 5 business days for installation; 1 day for DIY kit

Christmas Special

-20% OFF



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