WE tint any vehicle on the road today!

Our industry experience enables us to tint your vehicle rear window in one piece along with micro-edge doors; you will not find any seams, butted film, or paint. Utilizing the latest technology we are able to produce laser like precise patterns to fit your vehicle so your vehicle gets the "best fit" and minimal gaps. Eco-Tint can also professionally REMOVE low grade films with out causing damage to door panels, defroster lines, or glass; an expert removal is very important if you are getting your car re-tinted.

All of our window tinting film is applied to the windows inside your car and not the outside; the window tinting film WILL not bubble or be damaged from use of the back window defroster lines. When choosing a film darkness, remember that the lower the % number, the darker it is; so a 5% is known as the traditional "limo" tint look, 15% being lighter in shade and so on...

now that we have your attention...


the classic, CTX, pinnacle, and stratos series all have the same outstanding quality, various shades, and block almost all the uv.

The Classic, Pinnacle, and Stratos are all under the Llumar umbrella as FormulaOne brand. The CTX is directly in the Llumar brand. Both of these categories of film are made by Eastman Chemical Company out of St. Louis, Missouri. As Llumar Select Pro dealers we have exclusivity to FormulaOne and Llumar. All of the films mentioned were selected on purpose. Meaning, none of these films will interfere with your electronics or gate passes. They are all warranted against peeling, cracking, bubbling, and turning purple. All of our films offer a no-fault tint replacement warranty and a transferrable warranty if you sell your car.

We encourage you to check out the Llumar Nano-Ceramic AIR80 heat blocker for your windshield to get the most bang for your buck to block the heat and UV, especially if your car just sits all day in the heat you can still benefit from the UV protection!

Nevada Highway Patrol Commonly Asked Questions:

How dark can I go? What is the legal limit? What is the legal limit?

You can tint your front doors to where the measure no darker than 35%. The rear doors or rear half of the car can be any shade. What this means is 35% light transmission, where here at Eco-Tint we can install a 35% and your right at legal. We can explain this more clear if needed when you come in.

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